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Andawell has become a comprehensive provider which is able to provide clients aerospace technology resolutions including Airborne Equipment Development, Airborne Equipment Maintenance, Testing Equipment Development, Aircraft Retrofit and Aviation Material Trade. Andawell has been sticking to the original “high quality and high standards” intention. With the efforts committed by all employees, Andawell not only becomes one of the companies with strongest comprehensive strength in the industry, but also particularly develops a young team with cohesiveness, strong volition and spirit.

We profoundly sense the responsibility in mind and be ready to devote every effort to the development under the circumstance when commercial aviation, military aviation and general aviation are developing at a high speed with the powerful support of the government and rapid expansion of market demand. We are glad to choose such a rising industry, and we are fortunate to successfully buildup a platform that be able to realize our own value. To take such an extraordinary opportunity, we will always be forging ahead unremittingly and moving forward steadily to accomplish Andawell’s strategic objects. Thus, Andawell will achieve more transcendence.

Every progress Andawell made could not be achieved without care and support from colleagues in aviation industry and customers. For such a great achievement Andawell acquired today, we sincerely appreciate your trust and support.  In the following development of Andawell, we will persist in the service concept, "pursuing highest customers’ satisfaction through customer-centric approach", and keep pursuing excellence to provide products and service beyond customers' expectation.