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Enjoy transcendence


With a history of 14 years, Andawell has accumulated abundant precious experience for us to study though summary and analysis. More importantly, a carrier is required to pass such treasures on to the younger generation of today and the future for them to fully understand the pioneering history, development course, humanity features, corporate culture and management experience of Andawell, including positive cases and negative lessons, from which they will learn and understand to fit into the Company’s corporate culture quickly.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Start-up

Chapter 2 A Decade to Sharpen Sword

Chapter 3 Excellent and Effective Talent Strategy

Chapter 4 Safe and Reliable Product Quality

Chapter 5 Near-perfect Work Standards

Chapter 6 Seeking Market Demand and Building Brand Effect

Chapter 7 Connecting External Resources

Chapter 8 Pursuing Artistic Design

Chapter 9 Systematic Thinking and Self-denial

Chapter 10 Creating an Efficient and Pleasant Work Environment

Chapter 11 Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

Chapter 12 Self-learning and Self-perfection

Chapter 13 Maintaining Core Competence and Stimulating Progress

Chapter 14 Making Efficient Communication and Concerted Action

Chapter 15 Making Dreams Come True

Chapter 16 Enjoying Taking Responsibility, Enjoying Achieving Transcendence