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Past events have faded like a puff of smoke which composes life into a song.

As Andawell is entering its 15th year of development, we recall the ups and downs over the past which is like a song full of passion. To realize their dreams, the forefathers of Andawell started a trek of passionate business creation on Dec. 3, 2001. At the very beginning, there were only a few employees, but now that number has increased to over 450. The annual sales have increased to over 400 million from 2 million at the beginning. Its business premises have grown from a leased factory building of about 1,000 m2 to today’s self-owned independent industrial park and modern office buildings with an area of 20,000 m2. Its business scope is also extended from aircraft avionics maintenance alone to aircraft avionics and mechanical component maintenance, test equipment and airborne product development, PMA product manufacturing, information technology development, aviation material trade, aircraft retrofitting and other related fields.




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