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Maintenance Certificate No.:

D.101639 (CAAC), EASA.145.0555 (EASA), 1BJY616C (FAA)

Maintenance capability: Over 800 CAAC approved projects (over 5,000 part numbers);
14 Category C EASA approved projects (C1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12/13/14/17/18)

Scope:air conditioning system, air bleed system, anti-icing system, equipment decoration system, water/sewage system and hydraulic system, etc.

Aircraft type:Boeing, Airbus, EMB, ERJ, business jet and helicopter, etc.

Established on July 7, 2004, Beijing Andawell Mechanical Maintenance Technology Ltd. mainly engages in airborne mechanical part and component maintenance with four subordinating maintenance shops (Pneumatic Component Maintenance Shop I, Pneumatic Component Maintenance Shop II, Hydraulic Component Maintenance Shop and Motor Maintenance Shop), Quality Management Dept., Production Management Dept., Technology Development Dept. and Finance Room.

The Company has been issued CAAC, EASA, FAA and JMM maintenance certificates successively.

The Company has an excellent management team and a professional technical team of over 60 employees, of which over 90% are technical staff and over 80% hold a Bachelor’s degree. The Company is equipped with advanced test equipment, including a Bauer (a U.S. company) pneumatic starter test stand, a AVTRON (a U.S. company) hydraulic test system composed of a H345 electro-hydraulic servo valve and actuator test stand, a H502 universal hydraulic pump and motor test stand, a H402 hydraulic pump station and a H700ADAS console). Apart from these equipment, it also owns a mass flow control valve test stand (including an ACM test stand, a valve test stand and a heat exchanger test stand), pneumatic low flow test stand, PDU loading test stand and integrated electric mechanism test stand and other self-developed test stands.

 Through continuous learning and improvement and collaboration with airlines and OEMs, the Company constantly enhances its maintenance quality, creates more competitive projects and provides better and more efficient service for its customers.