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Maintenance Certificate No.:

D.101639 (CAAC), EASA.145.0555 (EASA), 1BJY616C (FAA)

Maintenance capability: Over 800 CAAC approved projects (over 5,000 part numbers);
14 Category C EASA approved projects (C1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12/13/14/17/18)

Scope:air conditioning system, air bleed system, anti-icing system, equipment decoration system, water/sewage system and hydraulic system, etc.

Aircraft type:Boeing, Airbus, EMB, ERJ, business jet and helicopter, etc.

Established on July 7, 2004, Beijing Andawell Mechanical Maintenance Technology Ltd. mainly engages in airborne mechanical part and component maintenance with four subordinating maintenance shops (Pneumatic Component Maintenance Shop I, Pneumatic Component Maintenance Shop II, Hydraulic Component Maintenance Shop and Motor Maintenance Shop), Quality Management Dept., Production Management Dept., Technology Development Dept. and Finance Room.

The Company has been issued CAAC, EASA, FAA and JMM maintenance certificates successively.

The Company has an excellent management team and a professional technical team of over 60 employees, of which over 90% are technical staff and over 80% hold a Bachelor’s degree. The Company is equipped with advanced test equipment, including a Bauer (a U.S. company) pneumatic starter test stand, a AVTRON (a U.S. company) hydraulic test system composed of a H345 electro-hydraulic servo valve and actuator test stand, a H502 universal hydraulic pump and motor test stand, a H402 hydraulic pump station and a H700ADAS console). Apart from these equipment, it also owns a mass flow control valve test stand (including an ACM test stand, a valve test stand and a heat exchanger test stand), pneumatic low flow test stand, PDU loading test stand and integrated electric mechanism test stand and other self-developed test stands.

 Through continuous learning and improvement and collaboration with airlines and OEMs, the Company constantly enhances its maintenance quality, creates more competitive projects and provides better and more efficient service for its customers. 

  • Pneumatic Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Maintenance
  • Motor Maintenance
  • NDT
  • Pneumatic Maintenance Shop mainly engages in inspection, repair, renovation and refit of various parts and components of aircraft pneumatic systems. With industry-leading facilities and equipment, mature technical skills, completed quality management system and lean workshop management, the Company’s maintenance reliability and lead time of pneumatic parts and components are well acclaimed by its customers. 


    [Maintenance Scope]: Air conditioning system (Chapter 21), anti-icing system (Chapter 30), air bleed system (Chapter 36) and engine starting system (Chapter 80) etc.

    Air Conditioning System (Radiator, Plenum Parts)

    Heat exchanger(182820 Series, 753C0000 Series, 754C0000 Series, 753D0000-01 Series and 754D0000-01 Series);

    Reheater (755C0000 Series);

    Condenser (756A0000 Series);

    Plenum (2056 Series and 2230A0000-01 Series) etc.

    Air Conditioning System (Air Circulator Parts)

    Air circulator (2206400 Series, 1263A0000 Series, 1814A0000 Series) etc.

    Air Conditioning System (Valve Parts)

    Flow control valve (396608 Series, 396442 Series, 1806B0000 Series, 964F0000 Series and 1303A0000 Series);

    Pressure control valve (746A0000 Series, B17CA1042) etc.

    Anti-icing system

    Anti-icing valve (38E93-XX Series, 326975 Series, 327155 Series and 3215618-X Series) etc.

    Air Bleed System

    Precooling valve (3289562 Series);

    High pressure valve (3214446 Series);

    High pressure bleed valve (6773F010000 Series, 6774G010000 Series, 6764B040000 Series and 6763D090000 Series);

    Pressure regulating and shutoff valve (3214552 Series);

    Temperature controller (342B050000 Series and 790390 Series);

    High pressure regulator (107484 Series);

    Air bleed regulator (107492 Series)etc.

    Engine Starting System

    Starting engine control value (3289630 Series, 3290064 Series, 3291556 Series and 790424 Series);

    Starting engine (3505582-XX Series, 3505945-XX Series and 790425A6 Series) etc.

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Shop mainly engages in inspection, repair, renovation and refit of various parts and components of aircraft hydraulic systems. To improve the Company’s comprehensive competitive strength in hydraulic product maintenance, Hydraulic Component Maintenance Shop introduces test equipment from overseas, employs technical experts and talents, gradually developing its advantages in maintenance of hydraulic pump system, actuation and transmission system.


    [MaintenanceScope]: Flight control system (Chapter 27), hydraulic system (Chapter 29), landing gear control system (Chapter 32), aircraft cabin door system (Chapter 52) and engine thrust reverse system (Chapter 78), etc. 

    Landing Gear Control System

    Flow security (2-8020 Series, 2-7865-2 Series);

    Frame uplock/downlock actuator cylinder(293W3902-2/293W3172 Series);

    Frame damper (273A3610 Series);

    Frame retraction actuating cylinder (273A2101 Series);

    Measuring valve unit (71404 Series);

    Brake selector valve (A25313 Series) etc.

    Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic rotating union (69-69882 Series);

    Flow fuse (2-8181-2 Series);

    Manual hydraulic pump (71234 Series);

    Electrically driven pump (57186 Series);

    Hydraulic pump (350880-7);

    Oil hydraulic pump unit (3022053 Series);

    Hydraulic pump (66087 Series);

    Electrically driven pump unit (974540);

    Hydraulic transmission unit (63169 Series);

    Variable flow hydraulic pump (623977/887111/887673/3031863-001);

    Thrust reverse valve (3810056 Series);

    Volume adjustable hydraulic pump (66068Series);

    Oil tank pressurization unit (732-11240 Series) etc.

    Flight Control System

    Elevator trimmer control valve (251A2420 Series);

    Elevator trimmer locked actuator cylinder (65-44751 Series, 65-45190 Series);

    Spoiler unit (65-46370-3~Series);

    Leading edge slat actuator cylinder unit (65-44725 Series);

    Leading edge flap actuator cylinder unit (65-44550 Series);

    Rudder servo controller (810A0000 Series);

    Leading edge slat actuator cylinder (381800 Series) etc.

    Aircraft Cabin Door System

    Cargo door actuator cylinder (S4-3300520 Series);

    hydraulic actuator cylinder (E20000 Series);

    Manual selector valve (1567A0000-01)etc.

    Engine Thrust Reverse System

    Engine thrust reverse actuator cylinder (2190000 Series);

    Thrust reverse skin opening actuator cylinder (1FA14012 Series);

    Thrust reverse locked actuator cylinder (315A2801 Series);

    Thrust reverse unlocked actuator cylinder unit (315A2800Series) etc.

  • Motor Maintenance Room mainly engages in inspection, repair, renovation and refit of various parts and components of aircraft electrical driven systems. The Motor Maintenance Room has accumulated abundant experience in maintenance of equipment decoration system and APU system, etc. Meanwhile, the Company was authorized by ANCRA for its PDU product maintenance, and the self-developed PDU test stand T-490 is designated as the test equipment by OEMs.

    [Maintenance Scope]: Air conditioning system (Chapter 21), equipment decoration system (Chapter 25), anti-icing & anti-rain system (Chapter 30), water/sewage system (Chapter 38), APU system (Chapter 49) and aircraft cabin door system (Chapter 52), etc.

    Air Conditioning System

    Ram air actuator cylinder (541674 Series, 761A0000 Series,1809A0000 Series);

    Skin valve(VFT210B00、VFT300B00、VFT210A1、VFT300A1Series;

    Air trim valve (600700 Series, 1320A0000 Series, 963B0000 Series);

    Bypass valve (1312B0000 Series);

    Butterfly air valve (V2T127D, V2T152D Series);

    Fan (VD3810, VD3820, VD3920, CE1909AA1, EVT3454,VR4100 Series);

    Double-barreled valve (398116 Series);

    Cargo cabin isolation valve (4063-18221 Series);

    Galley ventilating fan (4101054 Series);

    Actuator cylinder (9069 Series);

    Actuator cylinder (HTE190001, HTE 200002 Series)

    Equipment Decoration System

    A320/A330 primary/second pilot seat (TAAI2 and TAAI3 Series);

    B737 first observer seat (1106 Series);

    PDU (92001 Series, 92002 Series, 92003 Series, 2955T100 Series, 126100 Series, 129100 Series);

    Center pilot braking unit (457U1047 Series) etc;

    Pilot seat (3A296Series)

    Anti-icing & Rain System

    Windshield wiper motor (2313M Series);

    Motor (4279204 Series) etc.

    Water/Sewage System

    Drainage valve (14320 Series, 14330-230, 7800000 Series);

    Washing valve (15800 Series);

    Overflow shutoff valve (D05 Series);

    Vacuum pump (14330-350 Series, 606802 Series, 645172 Series) etc.

    Actuator cylinder (A05000 Series)

    Auxiliary Power Unit System

    APU entrance pipe actuator cylinder (R6200M3 Series);

    Actuator cylinder (106-1-1100-02 Series) etc.

    Aircraft Cabin Door System

    Electromechanical rotating actuator cylinder(D2070 Series;

    Rotating actuator cylinder (D2063 Series) etc.

  •  NDT Workshop mainly engages in highly sensitive fluorescent penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection of aircraft mechanical parts. Materials used in the inspections are all imported products. In addition, members of the China Aviation Non-Destructive Testing Committee are invited to make a 3-tier-person-responsible team to conduct strict supervision for all-round guarantee of product quality.

    Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

    Aircraft aluminum alloy parts, composite materials such as non-porous metal and non-metallic materials

    Magnetic Particle Inspection

    Ferro magnetic materials of aircraft mechanical parts