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Beijing Andawell BGA Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. is armed with an excellent technical team and employs many industry experts with years’ experience in aircraft modification and retrofitting and excellent skills of aircraft modification and retrofitting design, construction and evidence collection. Models retrofitted and modified include fixed wing aircraft, rotorcraft, general and commercial aircraft, with business scope extended to aerial photograph, weather modification, air data monitoring, geophysical prospecting and magnetic survey, agriculture and forestry spraying, skydiving, emergency rescue and other fields. The company is quite qualified for modification of various devices used for aviation business and operating aircrafts, and satisfies customers’ requirements of flying and operating in compliance with relevant regulations stipulated by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The company has accomplished evidence collection for various modification designs of quite a few renowned Chinese general aviation companies and business aircraft companies and has gathered rich experience in aircraft modification.

As the Sales Center of Honeywell, an American company, and the sole dealer authorized by HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) in China, Andawell is entitled to gain powerful technical support in product installation and retrofitting from Honeywell to provide Chinese general aviation and users of business aircrafts with modification and retrofitting service of various avionics devices and products manufactured by HUMS. Since January in 2015, Andawell has become the exclusive agency and service center of AeroTwin, an American company, in China. The company has rich experience in aircraft modification, retrofitting and maintenance for over 40 years, and is issued with STC/VSTC of modification and retrofitting of Cessna 208/208B/T206, Beechcraft King Air, Kodiak 100, Pilatus PC-12, Bell 407/429/206, Piper PA31 and other aircrafts. The top-notch technical capacity brings reputation to the company across the whole world and the company is able to provide Chinese airline customers with solid technical support in aircraft modification and retrofitting.

  • Capabilities of Aircrafts Retr
  •  ● Retrofitting of all kinds of aircrafts aerial photography windows

    ● Retrofitting of all kinds of aircrafts tail rods for geophysical prospecting

    ● Retrofitting of all kinds of aircrafts artificial weather modification and atmospheric data monitoring systems

    ● Retrofitting of HUMS systems for helicopters

    ● Retrofitting of engine nozzle for CESSNA 208/208B

    ● Retrofitting of camera equipment for helicopters

    ● Retrofitting of airborne satellite communication systems

    ● Installation, translocation and upgrading of avionics & instruments for fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters

    ● Retrofitting of all kinds of aircrafts seats/interiors

    ● Retrofitting of spraying equipment for agriculture or forestry purpose

    ● Retrofitting of operation kit for parachuting

    ● Retrofitting of emergency rescue kit

    ● Retrofitting of aircraft night flight systems

    ● Retrofitting of lavatory and galley equipment

    ● Retrofitting of search & rescue and medical equipment