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Maintenance certificate No.:

D.101636 (CAAC), EASA.145.0555 (EASA), JMM004 (joint approval), 1BJY616C (FAA)

Maintenance capability: over 1,100 CAAC approved projects (over 12,000 part numbers);
13 Category C EASA approved projects (C1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12/13/14/18);
3 categories of FAA approved projects

Scope:instrument system, communication/navigation system, electrical system, and various airborne computers, etc.

Aircraft type: Boeing, Airbus, regional aircraft, business jet and helicopter, etc.

Founded in June 2006, Avionics Maintenance Business Division (the “Division”) of Beijing Andawell Science and Technology Ltd. was previously Andawell’s Engineering Dept. and Maintenance Dept. founded in 2001. The Division is dedicated in maintenance and repair of airborne electronic part and component. It is composed of 4 professional maintenance rooms, namely the Computer Maintenance Room, Communication/Navigation Maintenance Room, Electrical System Maintenance Room and Instrument Maintenance Room, and Production Management Dept., Quality Management Dept., Technology Development Dept. and Reference Room.

The Division has been successively issued maintenance certificates/approvals by the CAAC, EASA, FAA and JMM.

Avionics Maintenance Business Division has an excellent management team and a professional technical team of more than 70 employees, of which over 80% hold a Bachelor’s degree, and over 85% are technical professionals. It is equipped with an anti-static workshop and a ten-thousand level clean room. Besides, it introduced the most advanced ATEC6 integrated test stand from EADS with over 30 TPS and various self-developed integrated and customized test equipment.

Andawell was authorized by EMBRAER as its maintenance station in China to provide maintenance and handle claims for customers in China and part of customers outside China on behalf of Embraer.

Avionics Maintenance Business Division makes product and service quality its top priority and maximize customer satisfaction through continued improvements in quality, production and technology management. It spares no effort to provide its customers with better quality, more efficient and convenient repair and maintenance services through deepening collaborations with airlines, research institutes and OEMs.