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Maintenance certificate No.:

D.101636 (CAAC), EASA.145.0555 (EASA), JMM004 (joint approval), 1BJY616C (FAA)

Maintenance capability: over 1,100 CAAC approved projects (over 12,000 part numbers);
13 Category C EASA approved projects (C1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12/13/14/18);
3 categories of FAA approved projects

Scope:instrument system, communication/navigation system, electrical system, and various airborne computers, etc.

Aircraft type: Boeing, Airbus, regional aircraft, business jet and helicopter, etc.

Founded in June 2006, Avionics Maintenance Business Division (the “Division”) of Beijing Andawell Science and Technology Ltd. was previously Andawell’s Engineering Dept. and Maintenance Dept. founded in 2001. The Division is dedicated in maintenance and repair of airborne electronic part and component. It is composed of 4 professional maintenance rooms, namely the Computer Maintenance Room, Communication/Navigation Maintenance Room, Electrical System Maintenance Room and Instrument Maintenance Room, and Production Management Dept., Quality Management Dept., Technology Development Dept. and Reference Room.

The Division has been successively issued maintenance certificates/approvals by the CAAC, EASA, FAA and JMM.

Avionics Maintenance Business Division has an excellent management team and a professional technical team of more than 70 employees, of which over 80% hold a Bachelor’s degree, and over 85% are technical professionals. It is equipped with an anti-static workshop and a ten-thousand level clean room. Besides, it introduced the most advanced ATEC6 integrated test stand from EADS with over 30 TPS and various self-developed integrated and customized test equipment.

Andawell was authorized by EMBRAER as its maintenance station in China to provide maintenance and handle claims for customers in China and part of customers outside China on behalf of Embraer.

Avionics Maintenance Business Division makes product and service quality its top priority and maximize customer satisfaction through continued improvements in quality, production and technology management. It spares no effort to provide its customers with better quality, more efficient and convenient repair and maintenance services through deepening collaborations with airlines, research institutes and OEMs.

  • Computer Maintenance
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Electricity Maintenance
  • Communication-Navigation
  • The Computer Maintenance Room mainly engages in inspection, repair, renovation and refit of control system electronic parts and components of airborne computers.


    [Maintenance Scope]: cabin pressure control system (Chapter 21), automatic flight control system (Chapter 22), flight control system (Chapter 27), landing gear control system (Chapter 32), various control computers and electronic display systems

    [Test Equipment]: The Computer Maintenance Room is equipped with the most advanced ATE6000 automatic integrated test stand with over 30 test adapters. The Room has a maintenance capability of 24 Categories, covering all key control computers of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts.

     [Professional Team]: The Computer Maintenance Room has a young team of vitality with over 10 professionals, who all hold Bachelor’s degrees or above. Their solid theoretical knowledge and practical maintenance experience contributes to fast and highly reliable product maintenance services. 

    Cabin Pressure Control System

    Pressure controllers (20791 series, 20793 series, 7121 series and 21933 series)

    Automatic Flight Control System

    Flight control computer(4051600 series)

    Mode control panel(4051601 series and 4082260 series)

    Flight control unit(C12850 series)

    Flight control secondary computer(LA2B002 series、LA2B003 series)

    Flight control master computer(LA2K2B000 series、LA2K2B100 series)

    Digital Air Data System

    Various air data computers(HG480 series、4040800 series and 4061100 series)

    Air data module(C17001series) and air data sensor, etc.

    Control Computers

    Elevator Aileron Computer(3945 series)

    Flap-slat control computer(49-117 series、49-170 series)

    Spoiler-elevator computer(B372 series)

    Brake control unit (E2132 series)and Flight Augmentation Computer(B397 series)etc.

    Electronic Display System

    Integrated display(390 series)

    Control display unit (174101 series)and entertainment display, etc.

  • The Instrument Maintenance Room mainly engages in repair and maintenance of airborne gyro instruments, electromechanical instruments, diaphragm capsule instruments and clock instruments, etc.


    [Maintenance Scope]:  instrument system (Chapter 31), oxygen system (Chapter 35), navigation system (Chapter 34), water supply/sewerage system (Chapter 38) and flight control system (Chapter 27), etc.

    [Professional Team]: The Instrument Maintenance Room employs many specialists of years’ experience in instrument research and maintenance to lead maintenance activities and provide technical support. A team of over a dozen young and proficient technicians makes a guarantee of product reliability. 

    Gyro Instrument

    Standby horizon (H321 Series, H341 Series, 501 Series, H150 Series) etc.

    Mechanic-electronic Instrument

    Radio magnetic distance indicator(63543 series、622-5001/2 series)

    Hydraulic oil tank content indicator(VT477 series)

    Fuel quantity indicator(2101 series)

    Flap position indicator(2061 series)

    Brake pressure indicator(163LCP series)

    Autothrottle servo motor(305RAA1)

    Flight control unit(C12850 series)

    Diaphragm Seal Instrument

    Height airspeed indicator (WL102 Series)

    Height indicator(64141、64161 series)

    Cabin vertical speed indicator(WL501 series)

    Cabin altitude and pressure difference indicator(AW2835AB series)etc.

    Clock Instrument

    Electronic clock(35000 series、2610 series)etc.

    Flight Control System

    Flap position sensor(18-1738 series)

    Command sensor(780B0000 series)etc.

  • Electricity Maintenance Room mainly engages in inspection, repair, renovation and refit of airborne electrical products, in-flight entertainment systems, galley equipment and products.


    [Maintenance Scope]: airborne power supply system (Chapter 24), lighting system (Chapter 33), galley system (Chapter 25) and entertainment system (Chapter 44), etc.

    Power Source Lighting System

    Storage batteries(151CH series、3214 series)

    Static convertors(1-002-0102 series)

    power sources(8ES455012 series)

    Aviation landing lamps(45-0083 series、4315542、4331772)

    Window lighting (3250 series、11-5833 series)

    Galley System

    Coffeepots(11276 series、3510-0044 series)

    Ovens(DF/DS 3000 series、DF/DS 200 series)

    Boilers(JD002003 series、L13471 series)

    Entertainment System

    DVD(RD-AV1303 series、RD-AV1313 series)

    LCD monitors(RD-AV98 series、617-6231 series、617-6265 series)

  • The Communication/Navigation Maintenance Room mainly engages in inspection, repair, renovation and refit of airborne radio communication and navigation products.

    [Maintenance Scope]: airborne communication system (Chapter 23), airborne navigation system (Chapter 34)

    Airborne Communication System

    VHF Communication Frequency Control Boxes(622-6831 series)

    VHF transceivers(622-1396 series、822-1047 series)

    HF transceivers(622-5272 series、822-0330 series、822-0990 series)

    HF communication frequency control boxes (622-6827 series) etc.

    HFS-900D high frequency transceivers (822-0990 series) etc.

    VHF-2100 transceivers (822-1287 series)etc.

    Airborne Navigation System

    VHF navigation control boxes(G6773 series)

    Standby integrated flight display(C16221 series)

    DME range finder(622-2921 series、822-0329- series)

    ADF automatic direction finder(777-192 series、822-029 series)

    VOR/ILS navigation receivers(822-0761 series、622-3257 series)