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Position: | English | Product Center | Aircraft Seats

Product range: aircraft seat, kitchen and lavatory system, aircraft interiors

Aircraft seats:pilot seat, operator seat, mechanic seat, kitchen system, lavatory product

Qualification and certificate: GJB9001B-2009 Quality Management System, Weapon & Equipment Contractor Licence, Weapon & Equipment Research and Production Licence

Andawell Aircraft Seating Center (the “Center”) was established in June 2006. Its product R&D system belongs to Beijing Andawell Aero-equipment Ltd. and its business performance is accessed separately. The Center, located in Andawell Industrial Park, is composed of 4 R&D rooms, Production Management Dept., Quality Management Dept., Craftsmanship Dept. and Assembly Shop.

The Center mainly engages in development and production of aircraft seats and other airborne mechanical products. It has successively delivered over 50 models of airborne products including pilot, mechanic, operator and passenger seats, kitchen and lavatory systems and lavatory products for military troops, AVIC companies like HAIG, CHAC, Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation and other OEMs.

The Center is armed with an energetic and experienced management and technical team of about 100 employees, of which over 80% hold a Bachelor’s degree or above. It can develop anti-crash and bulletproof seats that meet the GJB requirements, pilot and passenger seats that meet the CAAC requirements. It can also develop anti-crash seats with a survival rate of 95%.

In the future, the Center will further improve its management systems, deepen its collaboration with universities and research institutes, and make technological improvement and innovation to expand its product portfolio and provide a wider range of services to its customers.