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Position: | English | Product Center | M&C Equipment

Business Domain: aviation, space and related industries

Type of Equipment: integrated ground test system, universal automatic test system, field test equipment, customized test equipment

Established in 2013, Andawell Measurement & Control Center (“M&C Center”) has over 70 employees, of which 85% are technical staff, and more than 50% of the technical staff holds a Master’s degree or above. The M&C Center is composed of 5 R&D rooms, the Dept. of Project Management, Quality Management, Production Management, Finance, Electrical Assembly and Sales & Service.

As a life-cycle testing solution provider of airborne products, the M&C Center can provide the testing solutions required in the phase of design & experiment, manufacturing, usage & maintenance of airborne products for its users, including military troops, design institutes, research institutes, factories, repair stations and others. Until now, it has totally delivered almost 300 test equipment of more than 200 models.

Digital simulation, virtual instrument, concurrent testing, interface adaptation and other technologies are applied to set up universal and open platforms of design, simulation and verification for the test of flight control system (FCS), integrated avionics and communication & navigation system, electromechanical management system, environment control system, avionics bus and other systems. By doing so, the M&C Center has accumulated abundant mature experiences in semi-physical simulation, ICD management, fault injection, avionics bus, automatic testing and other technologies.

The M&C Center has accumulated and reserved a great amount of experimental data and abundant experience in terms of troubleshooting and monitoring, expert diagnosis, vibration detection and other aspects of avionics systems, which enables it to develop a series of in-situ test equipment, field operation ad-joint support system and portable vibration monitoring and maintenance system for helicopter to improve customers’ integrated field support capability.

  • Integrated Ground Test System
  • Automatic Test System
  • Field Test Equipment
  • Customized Test Equipment
  • The Test System is mainly used for checking whether function and performance of a product meet design requirements. It is mainly applied to system integration test and experiment before equipment installation in test rooms of design institutes and OEMs. The ground test environment of a product is very different from its actual operating environment, so an equivalent environment is required to ensure the validity of test results. The Integrated Ground Test System offers to simulate a flight environment that allows the aircraft to “take off” from the ground. The System features complete functions, high precision monitoring, large data acquisition volume and high processing speed.

    Integrated Test Stand for Cabin Pressure Control Sub-system

    The Test Stand is composed of semi-physical simulation platform, data management platform, automatic/manual test system and power distribution system. It can run dynamic simulations of all the discrete quantity, analog quantity, digital quantity, data bus and other signals that are managed by the controller of environment control system. It can also display and analyze raw data of 1553B, ARINC429, RS422 buses. Through a digital simulation of environment data of different conditions of an aircraft, the Test Stand can run tests of integrated controller of environment control system, cockpit exhaust valve, cargo bay exhaust valve, balancing valve between cabins, safety valve, pressure sensor and other products.


    Key Features:

    1) Cabin pressure control sub-system acceptance test: software and hardware functional and logical test of integrated controller of environment control system of finished cabin pressure control sub-system, including functional tests of air supply system, air-conditioning system, electronic equipment cooling system and anti-icing system, as well as functional and logical tests of pressure regulation system.

    2) Pressure relief valve component interface acceptance test, including test of electrical interface of pressure sensor, sensor precision and bus data interface, etc.

    3) Functional test of bus transmission of cabin pressure control sub-system: functional test of bus interactive connectivity among pressure relief valve component, cabin pressure sensor and controller of environment control system; functional test of integrated controller of environment control system, electromechanical system and avionics system buses: The Test Stand can simulate environment data in different conditions of an aircraft to stimulate and test the cabin pressure control sub-system.


    Dimensions: 400×120×190cm

    Power supply: 220W/50Hz

    Continuous operating hours: not less than 12 hours

  • Universal Automatic Test System is designed for running various tests during manufacturing and maintenance of avionics to improve product quality and production efficiency. It is mainly applied to calibration and maintenance tests of products before installation by OEMs, and factory acceptance tests of products by various manufacturers. With this system, complicated tests can be completed by operating staff after taking some simple training. The System features powerful functions, high integration, good universality and convenient expandability.

    (1)Integrated Helicopter Airborne Equipment Test System

    The System is mainly applied to airborne equipment regular inspection test, troubleshooting and calibration of a certain type of helicopter. It is composed of 4 sub-systems, namely electric, flight control, radio and integrated instrument systems. The 12-cabinet system can run tests on over 100 component part numbers.


    Power supply: 220V+10%, 50Hz

    Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ +40℃

    Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃


    (2)Helicopter Autopilot Test System

    This Test System is developed to run performance test and troubleshooting of various autopilot components of a certain series of helicopter. Its test objects include autopilot computer, control and augmentation computer, amplifier, coupler computer, operator’s console and steering engine, etc. It features high speed, high accuracy and high reliability.


    Key Features:

    1)    Simulation of airborne operating environment for test object;

    2)    Performance test of test object;

    3)    Real-time data acquisition and recording, real-time raw data processing and display;

    4)    Post-occurrence data processing and analysis, historical data storage and reading;

    5)    Display of test results with digital curves and diagrams;

    Generation of printed test reports and tables, diagrams and curves that meet the report requirements. 

  • The in-situ Field Test Equipment can simulate various operating electrical environment of and perform real-time acquisition and processing of work signals from the system being tested to run a fast in-situ fault detection of such system and locate faults to LRU or circuits. It is mainly applied to in-situ troubleshooting and fault location by military troops, assembly shops, and flight test stations. The Test Equipment can be either installed in the cabin of a customized supporting vehicle, ship, boat and aircraft or carried to required locations by one single or less than 3 person(s) or transported by ordinary vehicles. It features flexibility, convenience and rapidness.

     (1)In-situ Helicopter Flight Control System Test Equipment

    Manual test, automatic test, quick test and advanced test are all integrated into this Test Equipment. For the reason that helicopter FCS interconnection is much complicated, BIT test cannot cover all faults to be found in FCS, and military troops experience a high failure rate of their mission system, this Test Stand is therefore developed to run in-situ tests and it can locate faults to LRU or major circuits.

    Key Features:

    1)    In-situ test and fault location of FCS and its component;

    2)    In-situ test and fault location of FCS major circuits;

    3)    In-situ test and fault location of FCS anti-submarine and submarine searching mission system and its component;

    4)   In-situ test and fault location of other interconnected mission systems of FCS.


     (2)Portable High-energy Igniter Test Equipment

    This Test Equipment is “portable” and it can test single-nozzle and dual-nozzle high-energy igniter of a certain type of aircraft. It features small size, lightweight, high portability, convenient & intuitive interface and good expandability, which enable it to run high-energy igniter test for several aircraft types.


      Key Features:

    1)    Test of operating current (under 14VDC & 28VDC), operating voltage and ignition frequency;

    2)    Display and test of battery level, low battery warning;

    3)    Data export;

    4)    Real-time data acquisition, recording, processing and display.

  • Customized test equipment refer to those designed and developed for one or several specific models of avionics for acceptance test during production and calibration & test before installation, so as to improve product quality and production efficiency. It is mainly applied to product calibration and maintenance test by OEMs and military troops, as well as factory acceptance test by various manufacturers. Operating staff can complete product test of several models with customized simple test equipment, which can effectively reduce human errors and improve work efficiency. Customized test equipment is simple and dedicated in function, easy to operate and cost-effective.

      (1) Video Recorder Test Stand

    This Test Stand is designed and developed for integrated performance test of a certain video recorder.

    Dimensions: 600mm(L)×600mm(W)×1800mm(H)

    Power Supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz±2Hz, 150OW

    Video Signal: in compliance with the PAL-D standard


    Test VDC: -250 ~ +250V, 0.5% accuracy

    Test VAC: 0 ~ 250VRMS, 0.5% accuracy

    Test DC: 0 ~ 10A, 0.5% accuracy

    Test AC: 0 ~ 10A, 0.5% accuracy


    (2)Integrated Micro-switch Test Stand

    This Test Stand can be applied to performance test of several types of micro-switches. It can be operated both manually and automatically. It can precisely control the loading of operating force and acquire switch mechanical stress, travel distance and other data. It also features pressure alarm function, convenience, safety, accuracy and reliability.